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Bath C0 and CG calculation

Title: C0 and CG calculation

Applies To: All Baths

Problem Description: How is the C0 and CG calculated for the bath?

Resolution/Work Around:

C0 and CG are only applicable if the control sensor is a PRT and the bath's temperature range extends above 150 °C. To display the bath temperature, the resistance of the control PRT is calculated from the relative sensor signal using the formula —


R = CG * s + C0, where s is the relative sensor signal.


Conversely, when setting the bath temperature the set-point control signal is calculated from the target PRT set-point resistance using the formula —


s = (R – C0) / CG, where R is the target PRT resistance.


However, if you calibrate the bath using R0 and Alpha, you will not need to calculate the C0 and CG. The R0 and Alpha will compensate for the C0 and CG being at default values.


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