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Programing the 9142-P, 9143-P, and 9144-P reference probe

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Title: Programing the 9142-P, 9143-P, and 9144-P reference probe                 

Created:  6 Feb 2013

Last Revised:




Applies To:  9142-P, 9143-P, and 9144-P Field Metrology Wells


Problem Description:  Reference probe is in resistance and needs to be in degrees.


Resolution/Work Around:   When using a probe with the 914X-P, the probe should be terminated with an A connector.  This is a 6-pin DIN connector that has a memory chip inside.  If the termination is correct and the probe is reading resistance, try reprogramming the memory.


The steps are:


Press the Menu button

Press F4 button  (Input Setup)

Press F3 button  (Ref Input)

Press F1 button  (Prog Probe)

Enter password 1234 or one chosen by your company

Press Enter button

Here you will enter the serial number, Cal date, Probe type, and coefficients.

After you are done Press Enter to save the coefficients to the memory.


Note:  The probe type is the important feature here.  This chooses how the probe is displayed and calculated.  Choices are: ITS-90, CVD, IEC-751, or Resistance.

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