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1523/1524 - Changing the calibration date

Tech Notes



Title:      Changing the calibration date on a 1523 or 1524

Created:  26 Mar 2013

Last Revised:




Applies To:  1523 and 1524


Problem Description:  The manual does not give the command to change the readout’s calibration date.


Resolution/Work Around:   The commands to read and to write the calibration date are:


CAL:DEV:DATE?                                (will read the current calibration date)

SYST:PASS:CEN:STAT?    (return present state of the password.  0=disabled and 1=enabled)



SYST:PASS:CEN XXXX                      (where XXXX is the current UUT password, default 1234)                      (Enables password)

SYST:PASS:CEN:STAT?                    (see current password state, should be 1)

CAL:DEV:DATE?                                                (reads current calibration date.  Year,month,day)

CAL:DEV:DATE YYYY,MM,DD       (sets the calibration date.  Year,Month,Day)

CAL:DEV:DATE?                                                (should read new calibration date.  Year,month,day)

SYST:PASS:CDIS                                                (disables password)

SYST:PASS:CEN:STAT?                    (see current password state, should be 0)


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