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Why is the 1620A webpage not showing the expiration date of the 2626 probe?

Applies To:  1620A with webpage

Problem Description:  The 2626 probe expiration date is not showing on the webpage.

Resolution/Work Around:

The expired date will only show if the Alert is set to ON in the “sensor cal” menu. You can do this manually by:

Pressing the Enter/Menu button

Selecting “Channel” and Press Enter button

Selecting “Sensor Cal” and Press Enter button

Enter password by pressing Enter and then use the arrow keys to enter “1620” as the password and then press Enter button

Select the sensor channel, 1 or 2, and press Enter

Scroll down to Alert and press the Left or Right arrow button to select ON

Press the Enter button a few times to save.

Note: DO NOT change any values in the sensor cal menu, other than the ALERT. Doing so will result in inaccuracies of the probe.


To do this remotely (terminal),

SYST:PASS:CEN 1620       Enters the password to change settings

CAL1:ALER?                       Reads the current state of the Alert for channel 1. 0 is OFF and 1 is ON

CAL1:ALER 1                       Sets the Alert for channel 1 to ON.

SYST:PASS:CDIS               Disables password


This should now show you the Home or readings on the webpage and it will show you the probe expiration date.


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