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Why does my 6050H stir motor turn off?

Applies To:  6050H


Problem Description:

Is there a thermal cut-out on my stir motor? It seems to turn off when after my bath is running at 500⁰C for 2 hours. When the bath is cooled to 400⁰C, it will start working again.


Resolution/Work Around:  

If the access lid is removed or not used, excessive heat from the bath will be taken into the stir motor compartment. The stir motor air intake is located on the front of the stir motor. This is located over the access cover area. The excessive heat will cause the thermal cut-out on the stir motor to trip, thus stopping the motor. The motor will cut-out at 130 degrees C (266 degrees F).


To help prevent the stir motor from cutting out, please use a vent hood and the access cover when the 6050H is being used.


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