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5649 and 5650 maximum tip temperature exposure

Title:  What is the maximum temperature that the 5649 and 5650 probe tip could withstand?

Applies To:  5649 and 5650


Problem Description:  

The probe tip was exposed to a temperature above 1450⁰C, what is the maximum temperature that it could withstand?


Resolution/Work Around:  

We would not suggest taking the probe over 1450⁰C. Although, it could go as high as 1600⁰C. The melting point of the Alumina is 1815⁰C, the melting point of Platinum is 1768⁰C, and the melting point of Rhodium is 1963⁰C.


For 5649/5650 thermocouples, the highest temperature for short term use can be 1600°C. But for a long term use, the highest temperature is 1450°C. If 5649/5650 probes are used at 1600°C for a long time, the platinum wire can be contaminated and the grain structures can be changed. The service life of the probe will be shortened.


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