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Calibrating a Fluke 62 mini with a 418X

Title:  Calibrating a Fluke 62 mini with a 418X

Applies To:  4181 and 4180

Problem Description:  The Fluke 62 mini has errors when trying to calibrate it.

Resolution/Work Around:  

The Fluke 62 Mini is a product that has been discontinued. It has a spectral response of 6.5 – 18 µm. This means increased uncertainty for its calibration. The 4181 is calibrated with an 8 – 14 µm radiation thermometer. This difference in spectral bandwidth between the Fluke 62 Mini and the transfer standard is the source of the additional uncertainty. This is typically a problem with measurements above 200 °C. We have observed a 25 °C error at 500 °C with one of these units.

Fluke has replaced the Fluke 62 with the Fluke 62 Max and Fluke 62 Max Plus which are 8 – 14 um instruments.



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