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Adapters, Deadweight tester TEST port adapters

See the below link to a file that provides instructions to use TEST port adapters that come with deadweight testers, comparators, E-DWT 6531 and E-DWT 6532. The document also shows what parts are included.

Here's an example of a 1/4 inch NPT female adapter on top of the TEST port of a P3000 deadweight tester with a 2700G digital gauge screwed into the top of the adapter.


Note:  New P3100 deadweight testers include PK-P3000-ADPTR-STD kit

The P3100 adapter kits are fully backwards compatible with older bases (except 38xx).  The older test ports used a bonded seal instead of an o-ring to seal on it, but the internal geometry on the adapters is the same.


If you have a PK-3000-ADPTR adapter kit and want to use it with an E-DWT (or other product with a high pressure DH500 port) you will also need the adapter kit in the red box above. This is:

Part Number: 4294865
Description: PK-DH500-P3000,DH500 TO P3000 TEST PORT ADAPTER, MWP 140 MPA


Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or by calling +1.877.355.3225

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