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Fluke DAQ 6.0 software registration process

Fluke Daq Registration Process 

Before you start the registration process a couple of things are assumed:

  • Fluke Daq 6 is installed
  • USB drivers for 1586A / 2638A (if you are planning on using the USB interface) have been installed from the CD.
  • You have already registered on the Indusoft Site at and have received your verification email:

  1. If you have not registered you will need to do so before proceeding. Copy and paste the link into your browser.  Click to “register”
  2. Complete all of the required fields, taking note of the password you create (you will use it later)
  3. Click the “Register” button.
  4. Wait for your verification email.



The license registration has three components:

  1. An activation key supplied on a sticker attached to the CD case
  2. Site Code (derived using instructions in this document)
  3. Site Key (obtained from the Indusoft site – also documented here)

I Obtaining Site Code:

Start - All Programs – FlukeDAQ 6.0 – Register

The Protection Manager window appears:


Select Softkey and Check buttons.

Softkey Settings window appears:

Click Change License button.

Softkey Settings window appears:

Click on Network Adapter dropdown box

Select one of the Network Adapter options – preferably a permanent one such as the Ethernet module. This will generate the Site Code  (like this one for example: E0E4 0485 A5EB E1A5 CE7C 6105 978B AB76 BA) in the Site Code field.


Copy Site Code for the next step using the copy button


II Obtaining Site Key

Sign in to Indusoft website using the email login and password you created on page one, step 3 and the following link:

Enter the Site Code you copied earlier and the Activation Key from the Fluke Daq CD sticker into the appropriate fields:

Click “Get Site Key”

WAIT on this page until Site Key appears and then copy the site key into a notepad or word document.


III Authorize

Return to the Change License Softkey window:

Paste your Site Key into the Site Key field and click “Authorize”.  The authorization may take a few minutes.  Once you get the confirmation you can close the window if it doesn't close automatically.


Launch Fluke Daq 6.0 and you should see the following



Congratulations you are fully licensed with Fluke Daq 6.0!

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