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Import WinPrompt piston and mass set data to COMPASS for Pressure

See the attached pdf file at the bottom of this article for additional information on importing WinPrompt piston and mass set files into COMPASS for Pressure.

Also see this Application Note, How to set up COMPASS® for Pressure software for use with Ruska Model 2400 piston gauges (950.03 KB)

Revised 29-December-2015
1. Added note to Notes section of below document, "One user reported that the WinPrompt .PC files would not import into Compass with the naming convention of the .PC file. The calibration certificate number was removed from the .PC file name and the import then worked."

Revised 16-February-2016
2. If the existing mass set already exists in COMPASS for Pressure you may have to rename it and change the serial number to import the new mass set (if the serial numbers are the same.) There was no error message, it just wouldn't import.

3. If you get an "Error when importing Ruska piston file: Type mismatch" there is likely an error (or formatting problem) with the date in the .pc or .ms file. For example, COMPASS will not today's date as 8FEB2016, but will accept it as 8 FEB 2016. Almost any format is OK but some sort of delimiter is needed.

Open the file in WinPrompt and correct the date. If you correct something, save the file as a different name then you should be able to import into COMPASS. We can do this for you if you prefer.

4. If you get an "The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data." then you probably tried to edit the date in Notepad. Open the original file in WinPrompt and edit the date.

Revised 13-August-2019

5. If COMPASS is not showing the masses to load a value in file that was imported is likely wrong. For example had a case where the Mass Density was set to 0 and needed to correct it to the proper value. 


Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or by calling 1.877.355.3225

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