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Sebacate fluid, part numbers and information

Sebacate is almost always used with PG7302 and is the most common fluid for PPCH, MPG2, E-DWT-H, OPG1, 2485 

Part Number, Description
3069043, FLUID, SEBACATE, 1 QT

SDS sheet is here (formerly referred to as MSDS sheets),
SEBACATE - MONOPLEX® DOS (Di-2-ethylhexyl Sebacate), CAS # 122-62-3

Density is 916 kg/m3. Viscosity is 27 cSt at 25C, 11.9 cSt at 40C, 3.3 cSt at 100C. Freezing point is -48C or lower. We know of customers using Sebacate from -40C to +225C. Note that our equipment (pressure controllers, monitors, piston gauges, deadweight testers) is not run at these temperatures.

Full name is MONOPLEX® DOS, or (Di-2-ethylhexyl Sebacate). It is most commonly referred to as Sebacate or DOS. Some other historical names and model numbers are EL DWT Fluid 3110, 55-600, PA9145, 401114, 400503

Sample certificate of analysis is attached (link at end of article below) and shows that shelf life is 2-years.

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