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Macros: Pass or Fail Macro for COMPASS Report Editor

Default operation is for COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow) to set the Status of each point in the test to "T" if it is out of tolerance, and blank if it is in tolerance. This COMPASS Report Editor Data File macro check the status of each point in the data file and changes it to PASS or FAIL, and it determines an overall test Pass/Fail status.

This is useful is you want to log default COMPASS Status (blank, T, R, r, t) in the data file but also want to show Pass or Fail in the calibration report for Status. For more information on default Status values search the COMPASS help file for "Status".

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    Aaron Wheeler

    I have put this into a report and all I get is PASS even on failing Data. The Compass help file mentions you must have DUTcoefficient6 placed somewhere outside of the table, do you have a good example of how that is done or what it would look like?

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    Kyle Clark

    Hi Aaron - Can you send me the data file you are using with this? Send to or there should be a link on this page to create a ticket or contact us.

    Yes, DUT Calibration Coefficient 6 (overall pass/fail status of the test, not individual points) should not be in the table of individual points because that table automatically resizes for the number of points in the test, and DUTcoef6 is a constant value (pass or fail). You would typically add this before or after the table of individual setpoints, or not include it in your report template at all. Many calibration reports don't show an overall status for the calibration, but do show status of individual points.

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    Kyle Clark

    I also changed the attached file to a Word(r) document instead of a pdf. Text from Word(r) documents pastes into the COMPASS Macro Editor much better (with formatting) than from pdf files, and makes reading/understanding the code much easier.

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