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2700G USB driver, data logging (700G/TRACK software) & firmware (embedded software)

The Fluke Calibration 2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauges come with a USB communications and power cable (part number 4450539).


When this is plugged into the USB port on a computer the computer's operating system may automatically find the driver, especially if the computer is connected to the internet. If the driver is not found it can be downloaded and installed from the below file named "CDM20802_Setup.exe", or from the chipset's manufacturer at this link, 2700G USB driver link 

HyperTerminal or other Terminal software (receive data from gauge to PC)
2700G gauges can be read by any PC software that can send and receive RS232 commands and replies. Examples of PC software are HyperTerminal and Putty (search for Remote commands are in the 2700G manual.

Fluke 700G/TRACK software to log data from the gauge
2700G gauges can be used with Fluke 700G/TRACK software if the gauge has firmware version 4.01 or higher on them. The firmware revision is shown when the 2700G gauge is turned on. This gauge has v4.01 on it. 

The 700G/TRACK software is needed to setup logging on the 2700G, then the computer can be disconnected from the 2700G during logging if desired. Data is logged on the 2700G, and then the 2700G is again connected to the computer with the 700G/TRACK software to view and/or download the data log to the computer. Note that a real time display is not available in the software.

If you have trouble connecting to the 700G/TRACK software see the below linked file, "2700G Setup in 700G TRACK software.pdf"

Here's a video overview of 700G/TRACK software with a 700G gauge,

A video showing 700G/TRACK software connecting to a 2700G gauge is below,

Firmware upgrades are only able to be done at the Fluke Calibration Service Lab in Everett, Washington, USA. If you need the firmware upgraded contact Fluke Calibration Service at or by calling +1.877.355.3225. 

Fluke Calibration COMPASS for Pressure calibration software (advanced and complex)
2700G gauges can be used with COMPASS for Pressure calibration software for real time display and data logging. Remote commands are in the 2700G manual and there is an Autodetect setup in current versions of COMPASS. See this article for more information on setting up the 2700G in COMPASS for Pressure calibration software, 2700G in COMPASS for Pressure


If additional assistance is needed please contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or the above phone number.

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