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Fluke 5700 series mains input wiring

Customer question - 

In accordance with Air Force Technical Order

33-1-32 "General Instructions for the Input Power and Wiring of
Electrical/Electronic Equipment"

, the technician must verify that the rear of the fuse holder is wired to the high side of the power cord, and that there is greater than 100K Ohms of resistance between the high side of the power cord and the low side of the fuse holder.


Fluke answer - 

This is a safety requirement.  The basic answer to this question is that the fuse is on the high side.  The 5700 series calibrators are designed this way because if the fuse were on the low side and then it blew, it has potential line voltage on the chassis. 


Please see the attached schematic of the 5700A, A4 digital motherboard PCA input wiring diagram for further details.



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