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How to extend your MET/TEAM Trial license an additional 60 days

This application note explains how to extend your trial license for your MET/TEAM software.


Reinstalling MET/TEAM will not extend your registration, however the steps below explain how you can extend it.

NOTE: The steps below will work for one extension of 60 days; any additional extensions will require you to contact with a brief description of the situation as to why you need another extension. We want to know you are testing and moving towards implementation so be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need assistance along the way. We need a little time to process your request so we can configure the licensing system to allow additional extensions.


Here are the steps to extend your MET/TEAM trial registration.

1. Launch MET/TEAM and when prompted, click the “Register” button

Or this one:


2. In the “About MET/TEAM” page, click the register button.


3. In the new registration page, Enter your ‘real’ info. (as opposed to my silly information)

4. Once the info to the left is entered, click the “Add” button under the “Product Codes” grid and enter a “Trial” product code and click “OK”


5. When all is good, click the “Generate Request” button.


6. Click in the large license request text box and everything will highlight, right click on the highlighted text and select “Copy”

7. Open a new email and ‘paste’ the entire “License Request” into the body of it (Include the ‘Begin…’ and ‘End..’ lines).

8. Copy the “” email address out of the middle part of the page and paste it into the “To” address of your email.

ac9. Enter something like “(Your Company Name MET/TEAM license request” as the subject.

10. Send the e-mail

11. Within 30 minutes or less, you will receive back an email with instructions on how to apply the license to MET/TEAM.

12. Basically you will go back to the “About MET/TEAM page and will click the “Enter Registration Code” button.


13. Remember to paste all the license info into the “Enter Registration Code” window. Include all the ‘Begin..’ and ‘End…’ lines. (Do NOT process one license at a time, it will not work, you need to process all at one time.)

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    Oscar Sibaja

    Excellent, Instructions were clear and straight forward.

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  • Avatar
    Rafael Munoz

    The steps outlined were concise; however I did receive a response saying that an extension had been previously processed. After contacting Software Support and providing screen shots of the Product Codes, I did receive an extension. Excellent support!

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