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Increasing maximum allowed size for file uploads for MET/TEAM

MET/TEAM does not have a limit built into it, however IIS has its own settings for that, three in fact.

First is "Maximum allowed content length" setting in Request Filtering rules.

Second is "maxRequestLength" set in Configuration Editor.
Note: "Maximum allowed content length" is measured in bytes but maxRequestLength is measured in kilobytes.  Also important to realize, the smallest of these two settings takes precedence.

Finally is "executionTimeout" which is also set in Configuration Editor.  This one is often times fine as is but we want to mention it in case there are still timeout issues after setting the above values.

Follow the steps to increase maximum allowed size for file uploads on IIS.
NOTE:  Performing the steps below will cause the application pool to recycle and all user sessions will end.  Before continuing, make sure users are aware and have an opportunity to save their work.


  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. Select the website with METTEAM.
  3. Double-click on "Request Filtering".
  4. Select "Rules".
  5. Click "Edit Feature Settings".
  6. In the dialogue window that opens you can see the "Maximum allowed content length" field. It is set to 30 million bytes by default, which allows you to upload files up to almost 30MB. Let's say we want our files to be up to 100MB, then we would need to put "104857600" there (this number equals 100MB exactly).

    Also make sure that the "Allow double escaping" option is enabled. It must be enabled for correct download of files which names contain a space character.
  7. Click OK. The new setting is usually applied without restarting IIS.
  8. Still in IIS Manager, again select the METTEAM website in the panel on the top left
  9. In the center panel, scroll down as double click on "Configuration Editor"
  10. When configuration Editor opens, use the drop down at the top and...
  11. click system.web...
  12. and then httpRuntime
  13. When the drop list closes and displays "system.web/httpRuntime...
  14. Locate "maxRequestLength" in the list and change it's value to 104858 to match the 100 MB value set above.  NOTE:  This value is stored in MB, the one above was stored in Bytes, hence the difference.
  15. A few rows above you can locate "executionTimeout".  This setting can be changed if problems are experienced.
  16. When finished, click the "Apply" button in Actions in the top right panel

That should take care of it, log back into MET/TEAM and test to see all is working as expected.

Important to note that older browsers had built in limits so if you are still experiencing issues, be sure to make sure your browser is current and also consider trying different browsers.  A 100+ Mb file was tested using Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) and also Edge Version 44.18362.449.0.

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