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Addressing Error E2372 Internal error in module "win": Font (1) has not been initialized

This intermittent error is a known issue in MET/CAL version 8.  The Fluke Calibration software team is troubleshooting the source of the problem, and we are looking for more information from MET/CAL users.  If you encounter error E2372, please respond to this article with a comment, describing the specific steps you took before reaching this error, providing as much detail as possible.

E2372: Internal error in module "win": Font (1) has not been initialized.

To resolve this error, please follow these steps:

  1. Open MET/CAL Run Time.
  2. Click on Configure > Default Font.
  3. Change to a different font, click OK.
  4. Click on Configure > Default Font.
  5. Change to your original font (or the default: Courier New), click OK.

Default Font is typically the only one affected.  Repeat steps 2-5 for the Display Font and Picture Font, if necessary.

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    What should I do if "Courier New" is not displayed as a selection candidate in step 5?
    The font is installed.
    I could select it by directly editing metcal.ini.

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