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How to Create a PXE File from an Existing Procedure

This set of instructions will show you how to create a PXE file from a single existing procedure. If you wish to create PXE files in bulk, please find the article titled How to Bulk Convert Procedures into PXE Files.

1) Open MET/CAL Editor.

2) Select File -> New -> Project from Existing Procedure...

3) Select only the main procedure (as shown below) from the list of procedures.

4) Give the project a file name and a location.

5) Click OK.

6) When you see the below message, click Yes, which will copy all auxiliary files directly into the project location. This makes the project more portable.

7) In the Solution Explorer panel, highlight the project name.

8) Select Build -> Publish Package...


9) Your PXE file will be created at the location you specify in the resulting Save As window, provided there are no errors.



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