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Running multiple 88XX meters with Fluke View Forms

FlukeView Forms can interactively log data from several supported meters concurrently, on the same PC. This is done by setting FlukeView Forms so that multiple instances of FlukeView Forms can be run at the same time. (I.e., several FlukeView Forms applications will be running on Windows simultaneously.)  Each FlukeView Forms instance can be configured to communicate with a separate meter, and data can be interactively logged from each meter simultaneously.


To enable multiple instances of FlukeView Forms, select "Options" from the "Tools" menu.  Then, on the "Preferences" tab, check "Enable multiple instances of FlukeView Forms".


Once this setting has been changed, each time you start FlukeView Forms from the Windows Start menu, a new instance of FlukeView Forms will be opened.


To return FlukeView Forms to its default behavior of being limited to one instance, return the "MultipleInstances" value to 0 in the fast.ini file.


The limitations to this feature are that:


1)  Each instance of FlukeView Forms must have its own serial port or USB port. For example, if the first instance is configured to communicate with COM1, the second instance must be configured to use a different serial or USB port (e.g., COM2).


2)  Each instance of FlukeView Forms must use a different FlukeView Forms database (.fdb file). When a new instance of FlukeView Forms is started, you are prompted for a different database to open. (You can create new databases with FlukeView Forms Designer.)


    The data logged by each instance of FlukeView Forms will be stored in each separate database.  After all logging is finished, and there is only one instance of FlukeView Forms running, you can combine meter data from multiple databases into a single database (or onto a single form, where multiple data groups has been enabled). Use the "Import Form Data..." feature underneath the "Edit" menu of FlukeView Forms.


    For more details about the "Import Form Data..." feature, see "Importing Meter Data from Another Database" in the Windows Help file, or the FlukeView Forms Technical Note "Managing FlukeView Forms Databases", available on the FlukeView Forms CD.


No more than 4 instances of FlukeView Forms can be run concurrently.

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