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Location of reports in MET/TEAM and Customer Portal

There are two sets of reports in MET/TEAM.  There are ones for MET/TEAM and ones for Customer Portal.

By default they are located on the Server at:




   Customer Portal

     C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CustomerPortal\Reporting\Customer Portal


NOTE: During the installation a different drive or root folder location may have been selected so the folders above are the 'standard' or default locations, your could be different.  

However both of these can be changed in the System Defaults


To figure out where the reports are located on your system you can confirm with the method below.

Sign into MET/TEAM as an user that has administrator or configuration roles.

Then find the following entries

   Reports - Default System directory 

   Reports - Default Reports directory

   Reports - Customer Portal system directory

   Reports - Customer Portal reports directory

Double click on one of them to open it.

If the Active check box is checked then it is using the path in the Value field 

If the Active check box is not checked then it is using the default path as shown above.


The two directories with "reports" in the second part of the name will contain the "Custom" reports that are listed when MET/TEAM's Reports--> Custom Reports menu is selected.  Or, in the case of Customer Portal, when the "Reports" menu item is selected.  Typically these have either no parameters or parameters that users can fill in such as start and end dates or barcode number. 

The two directories with "system" in the name contain reports that are printed via buttons on various MET/TEAM and Customer Portal pages.

DO NOT ever have the same report in both a "Reports" directory and a "System" directory because there is no guarantee which will be used in a particular circumstance.


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