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How to rebuild a corrupt Met/Cal procedure directory

This article applies to versions 8.X and later.  If you get error messages regarding your procedure directory here are some hints that may help you fix it.

Browse into your corrupt procedure directory with windows explorer.


First you will want to move any files that DO NOT have a file extension of:

“.pro”, “,.dir”,  or “.cache”, or “.pxe” (you can move files to another directory)

 Find the file named proc.dir – open the file using notepad.

 Click “ctrl +A” (to highlight all of the text in the file) then press your “delete” key.  Save the file. (just save, not save as)

Next, Find the file called “procedures.cache” and simply delete it.  It will rebuild itself as well.


Browse into Met/Cal Editor, click File>open procedure – check the “validate procedures on load” check box.


It will give you an error :

"Unable to load procedures from:" and then show you the path to the directory you are trying to load.  C:\program data\fluke\metbase\shared\proc, for example.

Click OK.

It will give you another message:

Proc.dir is not loadable.  Do you want to rebuild the procedure directory?

Click yes again.

At this point you may need to be patient, because this process may take up to several hours depending on the size of the directory and network speed.

When finished, your procedure directory should be fully functional.

If not, contact for more assistance.

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