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FCAL Support and Service ticket workflow

Have you been curious about the new emails you may have started receiving from Fluke Calibration Technical Support and Service?  We implemented a new tracking system in 2015-Q1, which manages email responses and notifications, which we hope will do a much better job of keeping you informed of the status of your support requests.  In addition to these email notifications, clicking the "My activities" link at the top of this page will display all support requests for your account, or for your organization, depending on your account configuration.

The diagram below shows the workflow of a typical Fluke Calibration support or service request ticket (there are always exceptions). For a high resolution version of this image, please see the bottom of this article for a link to download the image as a file.

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    Chad D.

    We made a minor change to our automation which transitions a ticket from Solved status to Closed (archived) status. This previously occurred 4 calendar days after a ticket was Solved, which was changed to 4 business days. I updated the diagram in this article to reflect the change and we hope this suits our customers better, especially over long holiday weekends.

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