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PACE 6000 and DPI 515 Setups in COMPASS for Pressure

Download this sample COMPASS for Pressure Database that includes this equipment:

  1. Druck PACE 6000; 1000 and 3000 psi gauge ranges
  2. Druck DPI 515; 15 and 150 psi ranges, gauge and absolute
  3. Fluke 8846A DMM, general current and discrete voltage ranges
  4. Agilent 34960A multiplexor and DMM
  5. Kulite mA sensor
  6. AVL voltage sensor, gauge, absolute, barometer
  7. IEEE communications (GPIB) for all applicable devices

Once downloaded you have two options to view, use, or transfer the setup from this database to your COMPASS database.

  1. Select this database via the [Database], <Setup> menu path. Click on the current database shown in the "COMPASS Configuration Database" box and then select the "CompSetP PACE 6000, DPI515.mdb" database. Note that you might have to add your COMPASS license to this database via the [Database], <License Management> menu path if your license is not automatically added to the database                                                      
  2. Open the COMPASS Database Maintenance Tool via the [Database], <COMPASS Database Maintenance Tool> menu path. For instructions to use this to transfer setups (Support Device, DUT, Test, etc.) to your database open the COMPASS Help File and type "Database Maintenance Tool" in the Search box.                        


Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at Pressure Support or by calling +1.877.355.3225

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