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Hydra Logger Software

The following link is for the Hydra Logger Windows 7 beta.

Registration is required to download this software.  Please click the "Log In" or "Register" buttons at the top of the web page and fill in the required fields.

Your registration also gives you access to the Calibration Community site

Download size: 8.1 MB

System requirements: Windows 7 or earlier

Hydra Logger software gives you a powerful data acquisition system when combined with a Hydra instrument and your PC. Hydra Logger gives you control of Hydra's powerful functions, including scanning, signal conditioning, sensor linearization, alarm detection and reporting, and non-volatile data memory.
This Hydra Logger version is a Beta version. It has been modified to load and operate on Windows 7. Please note that the version number for this Beta has not changed from the last XP compatible version. This version is not expected to work with Trend Link 3.1.1 from the Icon link in the Hydra Logger program. You will be able to save your file type as .TLG (Trend Link) file type in the Hydra logger data file setup area and open these files directly from Trend Link.
This download requires you to sign-in; however it is a no-charge download. At this time we cannot claim full compatibility or suitability for use on your particular system as this Beta version has not been fully tested. By logging in or registering for this download, you are acknowledging that you agree to the unqualified nature of this Beta and understand a possibility of lost data may exist.


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