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PG7000/PG9000 Spare Parts & Tools; O-rings, Gloves, Lubricant, Fluids

Common spare parts for PG7102, PG7202, PG7302 and PG7601. Some parts noted for PG9602 and PG9607.

All parts are shown with 7-digit Fluke part number followed by description. 6-digit part number in description may be old DHI part number.

Sebacate Fluid, typically used as internal reservoir fluid in PC-7200-500, -1 and -2 piston-cylinder modules, and as operating fluid in PG7302, PG7307, PPCH, OPG1, 2485, MPG1, MPG2, E-DWT-H
3069043, FLUID, SEBACATE, 1 QT
3120590, (401793) FLUID, SEBACATE, 4 FL OZ.
Four ounce quantity is typically only ordered for filling PC7200 piston-cylinder reservoirs.
Sebacate MSDS sheet is here, Sebacate MSDS

Synturion 6 Fluid, typically used as internal reservoir fluid in PC-7200-100 and PC-7200-200 piston-cylinder modules
3070797, FLUID-401848,FLUID, SYNTURION 6, 1 QT
3120289, FLUID-401794,ASSY,SYNTURION 6, 4FL OZ
Synturion MSDS sheet is here, Synturion MSDS

Krytox Lubricant for P-C module lubrication. See Section 5.3.5 "Lubricating Piston-Cylinder Modules" in PG7000 Operation and Maintenance Manual
2493420, (102496) Krytox® GPL205/6 High Temp Lubricant, 0.5 oz. tube
Krytox GPL205/206 MSDS Sheet is here, Krytox Lubricant MSDS

Krytox Fluid, typically used in hydrocarbon free PG7202 piston gauge systems as the internal reservoir fluid in the piston-cylinder module
3071768, FLUID, KRYTOX GPL-102, 60 ML (114 G)
3466713, KRYTOX GPL-102, 1 QT (4.0 LB)
Krytox GPL-102 MSDS sheet is here, Krytox Fluid MSDS

AutoRotate Drive o-rings for PG7000 (quantity 2 are used)
3135041 , (101976) O-ring, Buna 2-242

Gloves, mass handling, cotton, Fluke Calibration logo
3134337, Must be ordered in pack of 12 pair (1 dozen)

Piston-Cylinder Module O-Rings The part numbers for each are in
Section of the PG7000 Operations and Maintenance Manual

10 kPa/kg tungsten carbide, 10 kPa/kg ceramic, 20 kPa/kg
3134867, (101918) Viton, Brown, size 2-222, FKM, 0.139 IN W, 1.484 IN ID, 75 durometer
3136458, (102380) Viton, Brown, size 2-130, FKM, 0.103 IN W, 1.612IN ID, 75 durometer

50 kPa/kg, 100kPa/kg, 200 kPa/kg
3134880, (101921) Viton, Brown, size 2-120, FKM, 0.103 IN W, 0.987 IN ID, 75 durometer 
3136458, (102380) Viton, Brown, size 2-130, FKM, 0.103 IN W, 1.612 IN ID, 75 durometer

PG 7202, all piston cylinders have the same o-rings.
3134158, (101295), Buna 2-016, (qty 2), top and bottom of cylinder
2721018, (101102), Buna 2-020, upper sleeve
2644003, (102109), Buna 2-117, lower sleeve, interfaces with mounting post
3148417, (123444), RING,ANTI-EXTR,OD=25MM (500 kPa/kg, 1 & 2 MPa/kg only) for upper sleeve o-ring

     Syringe for PG7202 piston cylinder modules
     3139439 (103046),SYRINGE,10ML,LUER LOCK

100 kPa/kg, 200 kPa/kg, 500 kPa/kg
2527053, (103990) Viton, Black 2-014, upper o-ring body
3134022, (101100) Buna 2-015, lower o-ring body, interfaces with mounting post

1 MPa/kg, 2 MPa/kg, 5 MPa/kg
1785497, (101096) Buna 2-010, upper o-ring body
927863, (101294) Buna 2-011, lower o-ring body, interfaces with mounting post

PG7601 Bell Jar and Bell Jar Seal
3068933 122106,BELL JAR, PG7000 PYREX (does not include seal)
3068634 SEAL,BELL JAR,9.25 IN. ID,0.75 IN. T,VITON

AMH-38 to PG7600 Seal (o-ring)
3141923 O-RING,FKM,VITON,.139IN W,9.734IN ID,75 DURO,BROWN,SIZE 2-273

PG7102, PG7601 and PG9602 Piston-Cylinder Module Tools
3068940 (122568),Sleeve Nut Tool (included with PG7102 or PG7601 base)

Piston Insertion Tool for  10 kPa/kg piston cylinder modules (included with modules)
3071841, (402394) Piston Insertion Tool for PC-7100/7600-10-TC (500 gram model)
3071793, (402371), Piston Insertion Tool for PC-7100-7600-10-L (400 gram model)
33068940 (122568),Sleeve Nut Tool

PG7601 Vacuum Parts
3068760 (VLV-102763),VALVE, VACUUM SHUTOFF, KF25
3134533 (101542),RING,SS,CTR,VITON,KF25
3135575 (102121),CLAMP,KF25,ALUM,WING NUT
3143561 (103737),HOSE,VAC,PVC,KF25,48IN W/FL
3068634 SEAL,BELL JAR,9.25 IN. ID,0.75 IN. T,VITON

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