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Spy - Display Interface Spy in COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow)

This document shows how to display the Interface Spy in COMPASS for Pressure or COMPASS for Flow calibration software. 

To display the Interface Spy left click on a parameter in yellow font (for example, the pressure value of 129.294 below) in a device window and select “Display Interface Spy”. (see example further down on page for a DMM/MUX)

This is an example COMPASS for Pressure Interface Spy Window. COMPASS is sending a READ? command to the device and the reply is alternating between about -0.00062  and 18.9 volts.

Check the “Do not auto scroll lists on new commands” check box to stop the lines from scrolling. You can then manually scroll through each line and see what is communications are occurring between COMPASS and devices. Press the pause icon to pause COMPASS. Length of Spy Window is limited so pause COMPASS to not lose prior commands if you want to analyze them.

To view the Interface Spy when using a DMM and/or multiplexor to read DUTs’ (or other devices’) outputs you must click to Display Interface Spy from the DMM/MUX device window.

In this example for a 34970A that is the DMM and MUX (all in one), there is a read output and a set output, and each can be viewed in the Interface Spy.

For more information search for “Device Output Run Screen” in the COMPASS online manual (help file).

Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure or Flow Technical Support at the below link or by calling 1.877.355.3225

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