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AMH38 or AMH100, replace bent actuator

Occasionally AMH actuator pins get bent due to insufficient supply pressure or other errors. One resulting error might be "AMH unable to lift mass load ERR#122"


The actuators are quite easy to replace. The part number is below and the procedure to replace. 

Part Number: 3123262
Description: 402073,ASSY,ACTUATOR,AMH-COMMON

Steps to replace actuator assembly

  1. remove 2 tubes from bad actuator
  2. unscrew tube fittings to access screws that hold actuator onto AMH
  3. remove actuator assembly
  4. replace actuator assembly and install other parts in reverse order
  5. test AMH

Order parts by contacting Fluke Calibration Orders Team at Orders Team or by calling +1.877.355.3225. 

Contact Pressure Technical Support at Pressure Support or the same 877 phone number.


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