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2456-LEM, Calibration Coefficient Calculator

LEMcal version 1R08 (displayed as Version: in the Help, About window) does not calculate calibration coefficients correctly. The error is obvious when new coefficients are calculated and applied with LEMcal.

The attached calculator allows you to enter the reference values for temperature, pressure and / or humidity it along with the counts from the LEM. Coefficients are calculated and can be entered into the LEMcal software screen and then written to the LEM.

Note that LEMcal version 1R08 is required for 64-bit operating systems. LEMcal version 1R07 calculates the coefficients correctly and can be installed on computers with 32-bit operating systems. See the link below to download version 1R07 (does not install on 64-bit operating systems).

Contact Pressure Calibration Technical Support at Pressure Support or by calling +1.877.355.3225 if you have any questions.

If you are having trouble communicating with your 2456-LEM please see this article, LEM and LEMcal troubleshooting

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