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RPM4 with PPCH or PPCH-G with Hi and Lo Q-RPTs - Connection Diagrams

Connection diagrams for a PPCH with a single utility sensor or Q-RPT,& a RPM4 with Hi and Lo Q-RPTs. Also applies to PPCH-G controller.

RPM4 does not have internal valves like PPCH to protect Lo Q-RPT from over-pressure when Hi Q-RPT is used. It is recommended to have only one tube to the RPM4 and manually move it to the needed Q-RPT as needed. This ensures that the Lo Q-RPT will not be damaged by over-pressure (unless you forget to move the tube).


Alternate connection is to use external valves (manual or automated) to switch between the Hi and Lo Q-RPTs. A vent valve must be used to protect the Lo Q-RPT if the isolation valve leaks. The PPCH valve driver can be used to provide a signal to open/close valves if desired.

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