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Adding Labs to MET/TEAM

Given a fresh installation of MET/TEAM, the first thing you want to do is to create your lab facility. In MET/TEAM, a lab is considered a location within your organization that performs services on assets, whether those services be calibrations, PM, repairs, etc.

Many organizations will have just one lab, while some may have multiple labs that service different types of assets or cover different geographic areas. Setting up MET/TEAM with multiple labs, if your topography calls for it, is beneficial because it will help users distinguish responsibility for an asset, which is important if different labs are sharing the same database.

First, let's log into MET/TEAM. Get onto the website and enter the default administrator credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Once you're in, go to Maintenance -> Facilities from the menu bar at the top.

In the Find Facility screen, click Add to create a new facility record.


You should now be taken to the Add Facility screen. Enter in the name of your lab in the Facility Name field. By default, MET/TEAM does not allow any facility records to have duplicate names. If someone attempts to make this lab again using the same facility name, the program will not let them save the record.


Now select the Lab checkbox. This classification is important and required. This effectively tells MET/TEAM (and the user) how this facility can be used in the program. Users can now be assigned to your lab. Assets can now be serviced by your lab.

If you have more information about your lab that you would like to enter, feel free to do so, but only if that information adds value. Do not feel obliged to enter information simply because there is an open field; there are ways to hide fields that will not be used from view.

Once you are satisfied with the record, click the Save button to commit this record to the database. If you need to add another lab, click the Add button in the screen's menu bar. Otherwise, click Close to exit this screen.






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