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E-DWT (and MPG2) Video: How to Prime, Generate and Adjust Pressure

E-DWT-H Pressure Calibrator - Video showing how to use the Priming Pump, Variable Volume and the Fine Adjust Valve.

I show operation with an E-DWT that does not have any air in it and the TEST ports are plugged (so minimal test volume). I first generate pressure with the priming pump then release it (incorrect operation). I repeat but close the reservoir shutoff valve while holding the priming pump down (correct operation to prime). Then I use the variable volume to generate pressure. Then I use the Fine Adjust Valve to increase the pressure some more. You can see that with a system that does not have any air in it the response is very quick.

If there is air in the system the response is much slower. See this article for information on Filling test devices (gauges) with liquid before calibration

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