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Macros: Communicate with other software with COMPASS (ActiveX, DLL, object, etc.)

This article provides information and examples for COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow) to interface with other software. Note that support from your software engineering team is typically required to successfully implement this type of communications.

Communications with an external object with COMPASS would likely be via an interface macro. Interface macros are used as the interface (communications method) with devices. A link to an example document "ReadExternalDevice EHI.pdf" is below and another example is in the the Application Note How to Calibrate Reference Pressure Transducers with COMPASS for Pressure Software

In the COMPASS Macro Editor see the interface macros, “InitObject” and “Fluke700_GetReading” for examples. “Fluke700_GetReading” calls another macro in it, “CheckFluke700Obj” and these use an ActiveX file called flukeinterface.exe to communicate with Fluke Pressure Modules through other software called 700PCK.exe.

Note the some example objects use dll files that are at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DH Instruments. 

See the “Interface Macros” section in the COMPASS help file for an example also.

See the link below to “ExcelCalculation relationship macro, unreleased.pdf” file for an example of how COMPASS can use Excel to make a calculation via a relationship macro [calculates the final output based on a relationship to the raw output(s)]. 

Here is another file in this Knowledge Base that can help you with variable names in the COMPASS for Pressure Macro Editor, Names Of Variables, Fields, Parameters

For additional assistance contact Fluke Calibration Pressure or Flow Technical Support at Pressure Support or Flow Support or call at +1.877.355.3225

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