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PG7000 (and PG9000), Backup or Transfer piston-cylinder and mass files with CalTool for PG7000

CalTool for PG7000 software is primarily used to backup metrological information [piston-cylinder, mass set(s), mass bell(s)] from a PG7000 base to a computer and to transfer that information from one PG7000 base to another. Secondary uses are to transfer that information to a COMPASS for Pressure database or to edit that information. This article provides instructions on the primary uses.

CalTool for PG7000 is add-in software in COMPASS for Pressure calibration software. You must have a licensed or demo version of COMPASS for Pressure installed on a computer with a working RS232 or GPIB communications interface to use CalTool for PG7000. See this page to download a demo version if needed, COMPASS Enhanced demo.

Start at step 1 if you want to backup files from the PG7000 to computer. Start at step 6. if you have already done this and want to transfer files on a computer to a PG7000.

1. In COMPASS for Pressure v4.2 follow this path to open the necessary add-in software? [Tools], <CalTool for PG7000>

2. Click the "Interface" boxes to choose Interface type and parameters. These must match the settings in the PG7000. Check by this path in the terminal, [Special], <Remote>, <COM1> or <IEEE488>. Press the [OK] button to save the changes and close the window

3. Click the [Load PG] button to download all metrological information. The remote light on the PG7000 terminal will flash until downloading is complete, then the list of elements will show in the “Digital IDs in PG7000” column. Note that all metrological information is loaded regardless of “Element Type” selection.

4. Select the "Element Type" that you want to save to the computer, then select all of the "Digital IDs in PG7000" check boxes that you want to save. Then press the [To File] button to save them to the location specified in [Setup], <Options>, <File Directory>. The files will be saved as DID (Digital ID) files.

 5. Repeat step 4 for the other "Element Type" files that you want to save. The "Digital ID files" column will now have entries in it for the DID files that are saved to the computer. If you want to print out a copy of the information press the [PG Report] button and print out the resulting page(s). If you are just backing up the information you are done. If you wish to transfer the information to another PG7000 continue to step 6.

6. Setup, or verify, the remote communications by doing steps 1, 2 and 3.

7.  Select the "Element Type" that you want to transfer from the DID file on the computer to the PG7000, then select the "Digital ID files" check boxes that you want to transfer. If there are no items in the "Digital ID files" column then check the path to them in [Setup], <Options>, <File Directory> and that there are DID files there.

8. Press the [To PG7000] button to save them to the PG7000. Note that any elements with the same serial number will be replaced.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for other "Element Type" files that you want to transfer to the PG7000.

The above steps complete the instructions to backup or transfer the metrological information from a PG7000 base to a computer, or the reverse.

CalTool for PG7000 can also be used to transfer the same information to a COMPASS for Pressure database but that is not typical because PG7000 piston gauges are typically setup as Autodetect devices in COMPASS for Pressure so the COMPASS will automatically read in the information from the PG base.

Further instructions for CalTool for PG7000 are in the CalTool for PG7000 help file and the COMPASS for Pressure help file.

Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at Pressure Support or by calling +1.877.355.3225

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