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Where do I find the MET/BASE database and log file?

This article will explain how to determine the name and location of the MET/BASE database files.  

Typically this is needed prior to sending the files to for either troubleshooting or for migration to MET/TEAM.  Knowing the location of the files is also needed prior to creating a backup of the data base when it is in a known or particular state that needs to be preserved.

The steps below are for MET/TRACK version 7.3 and higher...

  1. Log into the computer (typically a server) where the MET/BASE database is installed.
  2. Open Sybase Central by clicking...  Start--> All Programs --> Fluke Calibration --> SQL Anywhere 11 --> Sybase Central
  3. Double click on "SQL Anywhere 11"
  4. Click on "Services" tab, then right click on "metbase73" and select "Properties"
  5. In the "metbase73 Service Properties" window, click "Configuration"
  6. Locate the "Parameters" section and note that the path and name of the database file is the first parameter, in this case the file is "C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\metbase.db" which is the default/typical location of the 'metbase.db' file.
  7. Using windows explorer, you can now navigate to the file to perform the desired actions.  
    NOTE:  Most actions will require the database engine to be stopped before any action can be taken.  To stop the database engine follow the steps below.  

    CAUTION:  Stopping the database engine will cause any logged in users to lose what they are working on and have yet to save, Please be sure to check with the users to ensure all are ideally logged out of both MET/TRACK and MET/CAL. 
    • Close the "metbase73 Service Properties" window without making any changes
    • We are now back in the same location as step 4, now right click on "metbase73" and select "Stop"
    • Respond to any prompts, confirming that you want to perform the requested actions
    • With the database engine stopped, you can perform the desired actions (typically making a copy of the "metbase.db" and "metbase.log" files).

      NOTE:  If sending the files to, be sure to zip the files to reduce the size and time they will take to upload.

    • When finished you should restart the database engine by right clicking on "metbase73" and selecting "Start"

NOTE: If you need assistance with MET/TRACK versions prior to 7.3, you will need to contact to get that information.

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