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Where do I find MET/CAL procedures to download?

If you have a MET/SUPPORT GOLD membership, procedures can be found on Gold Procedures Download Page.  This is a relatively new site and you may have to register if you have not already done so.  Have your membership number handy when you register.  

If you do not have a MET/SUPPORT GOLD membership, you can still view the available procedures on the link above.  However you will not be able to download them without an active MET/SUPPORT GOLD membership.

You may also have some sample procedures available to you in a shared directory that is installed by default when MET/CAL is installed (version 8.X and above).

On the server, browse to C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\Shared\proc\projects (Using a MET/TRACK Database)  or C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\Shared\proc\projects (Using a MET/TEAM Database) to find example projects.  

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