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Fluke 9500B Password information

Passwords and Access Information from the 9500B User's Manual page 3-9.

1. All Configuration mode selections require a password.  When the 9500B is shipped from new, the password requirement is enabled to avoid unauthorized access.

2. It is recommended that both passwords be changed, for security purposes, at the earliest opportunity.

3. The shipment 'Configuration' password is 12321 (as typed on the front panel keypad when the Password Entry screen for Configuration mode is showing).  It is stated here to allow entry to Configuration mode by personnel authorized by local management, and permit subsequent access to the means of altering the password itself.  The necessary process is detailed later in this sub-section.

4. A second (different) password will be required to allow entry to Calibration mode as authorized by local management.  The shipment version of the Calibration mode password is 2→3→5→7 (as typed on the front panel keypad when the Password Entry screen for Calibration mode is showing) The necessary process for changing this password is also detailed later in this sub-section.


For on line access to the 9500B User's Manual and other knowledge and information please click the following web link.

9500B Manuals

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    Nawroz Ahmed

    i have fluke 317 i need to calibrate current in range 600A because in this range the measure was wrong. for example if the current 5A it measure 18A

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