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How to move MET/TEAM in its entirety

This article will explain how to move MET/TEAM from one location to another, whether it is from computer to computer, or drive to drive within the same computer.

If you only need to move the MET/TEAM database and not the entire website, see this article:

Moving a MET/TEAM database to a different server

Notes you need to be aware of prior to starting the process.

Note 1: MET/TEAM's licenses are tied to the computer and environment where MET/TEAM is installed so any changes will most likely invalidate the registration. Because of this, follow the steps in this article to capture your current state because these same code(s) will be needed by you to re-register. :
How to capture MET\TEAM licensing \ registration data

Note 2: If you are moving your database from a full SQL Server instance to a local instance and intend on using the files provided with the MET/TEAM installer, you need to be aware of the following...  The MET/TEAM install includes SQL Server 2008R2 and or 2012 express which has a limit of a 10G database size. If your current database is larger than 10G in size, a full version of a supported SQL Server version will need to be installed on the new computer.  If a full version needs to be purchased, this is accomplished thru Microsoft, not Fluke Calibration.  The current requirements for MET/TEAM can be found on our website:  MET/TEAM requirements

Below is an outline of the steps needed to move MET/TEAM to your new computer...

  1. needs to be notified so the licensing system can be reset.  (this is addressed in comments above)
  2. Be sure to have the ISO image needed to install the desired version of MET/TEAM.  This is available to gold members via the website.  If you are not familiar to using ISO files, you will find additional information in this article, How to retrieve data from an ISO image
  3. Before continuing, you need to determine if the MET/TEAM reports need move to the new location.  We need to confirm where they are currently located using this article:  Location of reports in MET/TEAM and Customer Portal  If the reports are located on the old computer, they will need to copied to the new one after installing the new MET/TEAM.  This will be mentioned later.   
  4. Install the MET/TEAM website on the new computer
    1. The installation guide has detailed information that needs to be followed closely
  5. This step is optional depending on whether you need to move your database or not.  If the data is NOT moving, proceed with step 5.
    1. The current MET/TEAM database needs to be backed up from the SQL server instance where is is currently installed.  Find detailed instructions in this article...   How to manually back up a MET/TEAM database
    2. Move the backup file to the new computer (un-zip if necessary) and then restore it as the 'metteam' database on the new computer using the detailed instructions found in this article... How to manually restore a MET/TEAM database.   NOTE: I would expect this process to fail initially but there are instructions at the bottom of the above article to resolve the issue.
    3. The existing license info needs to be removed from the database once it has been restored on the new server.

      Run the following SQL command against the database:

      DELETE FROM dbo.Licenses 
      UPDATE dbo.Servers SET mNotes = NULL

      If instructions are needed, please see this article: 
      How to run SQL scripts for MET/TEAM

  6. At this point the MET/TEAM website should be functional, verify this by logging into MET/TEAM using the web address based on the installation on the new computer.  You should be using your 'real' username, and once logged in verify your 'real' data exists in MET/TEAM (as opposed the 'sample' data provided with the MET/TEAM installation.
  7. Once you have confirmed that MET/TEAM is working correctly with your 'real' data, you will want to install any necessary patches to get your MET/TEAM updated to the very latest version.
  8. At this point move the reports if it was determined necessary above.  If you need to move reports and have upgraded MET/TEAM as part of this process, you will only want to overwrite files on the new server that are older than ones coming from the old server.
  9. Next you will want to ensure the 'directory' system default records are correct following the relocation.  Log into your MET/TEAM as a user belonging to the Administrator or Configuration groups, click Configure-->System Defaults and perform a search including inactive records with a property value containing "directory".  Review the results and change any data in the "Value" columns that are no longer correct.
  10. Once all of that is confirmed, you will need to re-register MET/TEAM by following these instructions....
    NOTE: DO NOT use any previously received registration information, it will no longer work.  You need to follow the instructions in this article (skipping the 'Gold' steps) to get the relocated MET/TEAM registered.   How to request and apply License(s) for MET/TEAM
  11. This step is optional and only required if MET/CAL is being used with MET/TEAM.
    1. C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\shared (skipping the file identified above)
    2. and all sub directories/files in it.
      NOTE:  Your directory may be different from the default one identified above, this was based on choices made during the MET/TEAM installation.  
    1. The files necessary for installing or updating MET/CAL are located in the "METEAM" share created on the computer where MET/TEAM was just re-installed.  They are located in the ..\Installers\METCAL\ directory.  Typically the file "setup.exe" needs to be run.
    2. Keep in mind that MET/CAL may need to be updated with patch files.  If this is the case, the instructions will be provided in the read-me file included with the patch.
    3. If this is the first time MET/CAL has been installed, you will need to install the National Instruments driver and software for the USB to IEEE adapter.
    1. This sub-step is also optional and only required if the MET/CAL files need to be relocated.  Below are the default directories that need to be copied to the new location...  
      NOTE:  There is only one file that should NOT be moved.  It is located in the root of the directory identified below and is named "startup.ini".  
    2. This sub-step is only required if MET/TEAM was updated to a new version as a part of the moving process which will require MET/CAL to also be updated.
    3. Test that the MET/CAL run time is working with the new MET/TEAM location.
      NOTE: As of MET/CAL version 9.1, Config.dat and the metcal.ini files were moved into the database. There is a setting in the metcal.ini file that points to the server and this is an issue so this must be reset by opening the MET/CAL run time, logging in and click "Configure", "Workstation Configuration" and edit the "MET/TEAM Server URL" to point to the new location of MET/TEAM. Be sure to click the "Apply" button in the bottom right to save the changes. If you encounter any problems, opening and modifying MET/CAL runtime, submit a support ticket to in order to get it resolved.
    4. Optionally test that the MET/CAL editor is also working with the new MET/TEAM location.
    5. Repeat steps 8.b thru 8.d as required for each additional computer that will be running MET/CAL.   NOTE: Do NOT repeat step 8.1 on any additional computers.  You only want to have one location with all the MET/CAL files.
  12. If you have any questions or concerns, contact


Few additional comments about moving your MET/TEAM install to a non domain computer.

  1. MET/TEAM mobile requires a domain in order to be used, so if you have mobile licenses then you will not be able to use mobile.
  2. If MET/TEAM is being installed on desktop computer instead of a true 'server', you will need to be sure to configure the settings to prevent the computer from entering any type of suspended or power saving state.
  3. Also you will want to be sure the computer where MET/TEAM is installed has adequate resources, as documented in the install guide for your version otherwise performance may be impacted.

The issue should be resolved at this point if not contact for further assistance.


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