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How to manually restore a MET/TEAM database

The steps below will guide you through restoring a backup of the MET/TEAM database via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio application that can be installed with the MET/TEAM application.

  1. Copy the database backup file to a known location (c:\Temp) and unzip if necessary.
  2. Open SQL Server Management studio on the computer where SQL Server was installed.
  3. The settings should be defaulted to your local SQL installation and to use “Windows Authentication”.  If necessary contact your IT department for this information.  Click Connect.
  4. When Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio  opens, expand to locate your METTEAM database and then right click and select Tasks – Restore- Database
  5. In the “Restore Database – metteam” dialog, select “From Device” and the click the ellipse […]
  6. In the “Specify Backup” window, select the Add button.
  7. Locate the database backup file (.bak) and click OK.
  8. In the “Specify Backup” dialog, verify the “Backup location” contains the file you just selected and then click the OK button.
  9. In the “Restore Database – metteam” dialog, click the “Restore” check box next to the version of the backup you want to restore.
  10. In the top left of the dialog, click “Options” and then check the “Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE) check box
  11. If you received the database from someone else (Technical Support or backup from another computer), you may need to change the "Restore As" drive and path location for your system.
  12. Click OK and you will see the Progress indicator start showing the progress in %.
  13. When the process finishes you will receive a prompt that it was successful.
  14. Sometimes you will receive a “… database in use” error shown below.  If this happens there are some additional steps you can take to resolve this issue.  (Described below)
  15. Open Internet Information Services Manager (IIS) to stop the MET/TEAM website.
    1. Click  Start --> and type “IIS” in the run box (three letters, those are capital letter i)
    2. Click to open the IIS manager
    3. In ISS manager expand out the server name and the “Sites”
    4. Click on METTEAM and in “Manage Web Site” on far right, click “Stop”
    5. Click on METTEAM Customer Portal and in “Manage Web Site” on far right, click “Stop”
    6. Leave IIS open so they can be started again
      NOTE:  Because the sites were stopped above, it is possible that the “metteam” processes discussed below will be gone, if so proceed to step 16.
  16. Open "Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services" on the computer.
    1. then find "Fluke MET/TEAM Email Alerts Engine"
    2. mceclip0.png
    3. Then Stop it
    4. Leave Services open so they can be started again after the restoring of the database.
  17. Use SQL Server Management Studio’s Activity Monitor to close all “metteam” connections with the following steps.
    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
    2. Right click on the server name and select “Activity Monitor”
    3. Click to expand the “Processes” section
    4. Then use the drop down to view all “metteam” processes so they can be “killed”
    5. Now from the bottom up, right click and select “Kill Process” for all “metteam” processes.
    6. It will take a few moments but all “metteam” process will disappear
  18. Attempt to restore the “metteam” database again, this time it should work.
  19. Once you have successfully restored the “metteam” database, use IIS to “Start” the web sites
    1. Back in IIS, select the “METTEAM” site in top left and the click “Start” in the Manage Web Site section on the right
    2. select the “METTEAM Customer Portal” site in top left and the click “Start” in the Manage Web Site section on the right
    3. Back in Services, select the "Fluke MET/TEAM Email Alerts Engine" and click Start
  20. The issue should be resolved at this point if not contact for further assistance.
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