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PressCal Software, Quick-Start Guide

PressCal is a menu driven software program for pressure calculation using a Deadweight Tester as the pressure source.

Demo version and downloadable manual are available at this link,
PressCal software demo download and manual

Below is a quick-start guide to using PressCal Software. More details are in the manual. 

  1. Open PressCal
  2. Ensure that correct gravity is being used at the menu path: Setup --> Gravity.mceclip1.pngmceclip2.png
  3. Verify correct Piston and Weight Set are selected. Verify head, temperature, pressure units. Verify Environment conditions.
  4. Here is the full window
  5. Here is just the information that changes.
  6. Double-click carrier that you want to use. This will change the color of the row to red and an X will be in the column between the mass number and the type. And “Computed Pressure” will show the corresponding pressure. In this example it is 200 psi. (This step should be added before step 2 on page 5-3 of PressCal manual.
  7. Enter desired pressure for “Target Pressure” and press [Enter] button on keyboard. In this example the “Target Pressure” is 4000 psi and the “Computed Pressure” is 4000.19577 psi.
  8. If weights do not seem to be selected correctly, enter target pressure of zero (0) and press [Enter] on keyboard and go to step 2.
  9. If other weights are desired, double-click weights with mouse to select or de-select them. “Computed Pressure” will change automatically.
  10. For next pressure setpoint enter “Target Pressure” and press [Enter] on keyboard.
  11. To de-select all weights and carrier, enter target pressure of zero (0) and press [Enter] on keyboard and go to step 2.
  12. To use other carrier and piston go to step 2.
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