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How to set datasource location in a MET/TEAM report

There are times when you need to set the datasource location on a report to your database.  This can occur if someone else writes a report for you or if you are updating an old report.

Follow these steps:

1) Open the report from Crystal Reports

2) Click the Database menu.

3) Select Set Datasource Location from the list. 

4) Select your database name from the list or click Create a New Connection:

        If you are creating a new connection continue these steps:

  1. Select SQL Server Native Client 10 from the provider list:

Click Next:

Enter or click the down arrow to locate  your server name, enter your database name, click "Integrated Security" or use the username and password that gives you read access to the SQL database and click Finish:

5) Connecting will bring you back to the Set Datasource Location screen, but now you will see your database with a + sign next to it:

Highlight the server name that exists in the report on the top half of the screen,

Highlight your server name on the lower half of the screen:


Cliick Update.

Click File>Save.

Test your report again.  If this doesn't fix the issue and the table, view or stored procedure still cannot be found, follow the steps below:


Expand the database icon (in my case metteam) in the lower half of the screen, by clicking the plus sign.

1.Expand dbo under the database name.

2.Expand tables, views or stored procedures, depending on what is used in the report that you want to update. In my case I need stored procedures and views:

3.Highlight (just by clicking on it) the first table in the top section of the screen under the server name (in my case Stds_Used).  Now I happen to know that Stds_Used maps to a table of a different name in MET/TEAM.  if you don't know what it maps to, simply expand the table and expand the properties to see:

Continue to find the tables, views and stored procedures in your report that require mapping and follow the same process of highlighting it in the top section and in the bottom and clicking update




Once you are finished, click File, Save. 

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