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Valve seats for PPCH, PPCH-G, E-DWT-H, OPG1, GPC1, HPMS, Constant Volume Valve (CVV)

This valve seat is used in the low Q-RPT isolation valve of E-DWT-H and in a CVV.
3150795                (124171) SEAT,200MPA CVV,58DEG,HF2

This valve seat is used in the VENT valve of PPCH and PPCH-G. It is also used in the INLET valve of OPG1.
3146645                (122671) Seat, 200 MPa, 58 deg, inlet

This valve seat is used in the OUTLET valve of OPG1, and in the low RPT isolation valve of the gas and oil operated HPMS calibrators.
3145507                (122034) Seat, 200 MPa, 58 deg, outlet

This valve seat is used in the inlet and outlet valves of GPC1.
3147340                (123001) Seat,200 MPa, 28 deg

Below is a drawing of the parts that go into the back of the manual valve. Unscrew the gland that is on the tubing. The gland and collar remain on the tubing (only the gland and collar are shown). The nut is then removed, and then the seat. Before replacing the seat make sure that the valve is open (turned counter-clockwise) so its needle is retracted. Lubricate the seat and nut with Krytox GPL205 or GPL206 grease (areas indicated below in yellow). Replace the seat and tighten the nut to 30 N-m (22 ft-lb). Make sure the collar is screwed fully CCW onto the tubing then install and tighten the gland into the nut.


Krytox Lubricant 
2493420                   (102496) Krytox® GPL205/6 High Temp Lubricant, 0.5 oz. tube
Krytox GPL205/206 MSDS Sheet is here, Krytox Lubricant MSDS 


Here is an image of the VENT valve for PPCH and PPCH-G. Make sure the valve is actuated (has air signal going to it) when tightening the nut or gland so the needle is retracted. This valve is available as this part number if you want to replace the entire valve.

Part Number: 3071667
Description: 402171,ISOLATION DOME VALVE, PPCH

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