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How to Automatically Generate Recall Alert based on Customer Contacts

Please note: This article does not apply to customers running MET/TEAM EXPRESS version. Please contact your sales representative for more information. Fluke Calibration Sales


If your organization has a large number of contacts that will be receiving emails for recall, it may not be feasible to manage the list of contacts in the alert by hand. Fortunately, MET/TEAM has the capability to automatically populate that list based on the contacts in your database that are associated with customer facilities.

This article assumes that you already have a functioning recall alert in your system. If you do not have one yet, please follow How to Setup an Alert for Recall.

MET/TEAM generates the list of contacts via a data check. The files necessary to create this data check are attached at the bottom of this article, titled 'UpdateContactList.txt' and 'Runnable - Manage Recall Contacts.txt'.

PLEASE NOTE: MET/TEAM 2.2.0 user need to use the 'UpdateContactList_2_2_0.txt' file. 

1) Download the two files from this article.

2) In MET/TEAM, go to Configure -> Data Checks.

3) In the Manage Data Check Scripts screen, click the Add button.

4) Give the data check a name, mark it as active, and set the affected page to 'Runnable', as shown below.

5) Paste the contents of 'Runnable - Manage Recall Contacts.txt' into the body of the data check and save the record.

6) Click the Add button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to add a new SQL Function.

7) Name the function UpdateContactList as shown below. This name is case-sensitive.

8) Paste the contents of 'UpdateContactList.txt' or 'UpdateContactList_2_2_0.txt' if your are running MET/TEAM 2.2.0 into the body of the SQL Function and save the record.

The data check should look like the below screenshot when it is complete.

To generate the contact list dynamically, you simply need to add the data check to your existing recall report.

If you want to setup recall escalation, please see How to Setup an Alert for Recall Escalation.

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