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P3800 / M3800 very high pressure deadweight testers - Test port adapters

The P3800/M3800 very high pressure deadweight testers have unique test port adapters that are suitable for the high pressures. One complete set of adapters and lens rings are included with a P3800 DWT.

The TEST port (also called TEST station) itself is a 5/8 BSP male left-hand thread. 


3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch BSP female adapters are included, along with two Autoclave style adapters (also called collar/gland or high pressure adapters) that are 9/16-18 and 3/4-16 female threads. Two different lens rings (sealing rings) are also included. 

The bottom of all the BSP adapters are 5/8 BSP left-hand threads so they will screw CCW onto the TEST port. The top of the adapters are female right-hand threads so the item under test will screw CC into them. The lens ring (PN 3923683) that is almost flat on the top and bottom is used with these adapters. Below are images of a BSP adapter with lens ring and an item under test.


The bottom of the high pressure adapters are both 1/2 BSP female right-hand threads and they screw into the 1/2 BSP adapter with the lens ring PN 3923683 between them. The item under test screws directly into the high pressure adapter without a lens ring. Below are images of a 1/2 BSP adapter with a 3923683 lens ring and a high pressure adapter. There is no item under test shown.


The 60 degree lens ring is exclusively for use with items under test that have a 60-degree coned sealing surface and that can screw directly into one of the BSP adapters. They can also be used with items under test that have a hole that can be sealed with the tapered end of the sealing ring but note that this will likely permanently deform the hole of the item under test or deform the lens ring.

Below is an assembled 1/2 BSP adapter with a 3923683 (not shown) lens ring and a high pressure adapter. A high pressure nipple with a collar and gland are connected to the high pressure adapter.

Below is a table of part numbers and descriptions of available adapters and lens rings. Contact the Fluke Calibration Orders Team at Orders Team or by calling +1.877.355.3225 for a quote or to order parts.

Item Number Description
3923244 S54-0014,NUT UNION 3/8 BSP (ADAPTER) H.P. DWT
3923232 S54-0013,NUT UNION 1/2 BSP (ADAPTER) H.P. DWT
3923226 S54-0012,NUT UNION 3/4 BSP (ADAPTER) H.P. DWT
3923259 S54-0016,LENS RING 60 DEG. H.P. DWT
3923271 S54-0042,ADAPTER H.P.9/16INX18UNF FEM
3923280 S54-0044,ADAPTER H.P. 3/4-16 UNF FEMALE (F375)
3923683 SDW4546,LENS RING
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