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How to setup a MET/CAL (using legacy *.pro file type) procedure as a datasheet in a MET/TEAM Procedure

Create a MET/TEAM procedure based on MET/CAL Instrument Line (*.PRO file).

1. Go to Maintenance-> Procedures, click the Add button.

2. In the pop up "Add Procedure" window, under the "Procedure Name" textbox, type in the Instrument line from the PRO file.

Note the Instrument line from MET/CAL Procedure file needs to be perfectly matched in the MET/TEAM Procedure Name textbox. The Instrument line from the procedure file (see below image):

3. Under "Service Type (Proc)" dropdown listbox, chose "Calibration" (normally)

4. Under the "Category (Proc), click the ellipses to bring up the "Select Category (Proc)" window. Double click "MET/CAL".

8. Click Save button from the menu bar.


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