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molbloc - Change default calibration on a "named cal" molbloc

Changing the default cal on an enhanced "named cal" molbloc

See Article History of molbloc and molbox for explanation of "named cal"

If an enhanced "named cal" molbloc has more than one calibration in a single gas, one of those calibrations is the default calibration. For example, a laminar molbloc could have a nitrogen low pressure (N2 LOP), nitrogen high pressure (N2 HIP), and/or nitrogen downstream (N2 DOWN) calibration(s). If the molbloc has "named cals" it is possible to use a molbox1+ terminal with COMPASS for Flow to change which calibration is the default one.

If a "named" calibration molbloc has more than one type of calibration in a gas, only the default calibration is able to be chosen when used with a molbox RFM or molbox1 terminal. If you want to use a different type of calibration in a gas you have to change that calibration to be the default calibration.

If you are using A+B mode with COMPASS for Flow only the default calibration types are available. Because of this, the default calibration types must match.

There are three ways to change, or choose, which calibration is default.

  1. If you have a molbox1+ and COMPASS for Flow - When initializing the test, choose the gas cal that you want to be default, then when the test has started press the “Set calibration as default” button  in the molbox run window. That will make this gas calibration the default calibration.
  2. If you don't have a molbox1+ but do have COMPASS for Flow (regular or free demo version) we can send you an unlicensed copy of molTools (free) and files for each type of calibration so you can change the default calibration
  3. If you have a licensed version of molTools (not free) you can set the default calibration type

Note that molblocs prior to late 2009 don't support "named cal" calibrations (unless they have been upgraded) and may only show the serial number of the molbloc and the range of the calibration that is on it. You would have to know what type of calibration is on the molbloc (LOP, HIP, DOWN). Because of this (and other reasons) most users only have a single calibration type with older molblocs.

Utility software named molLoad can be used with these old molblocs to load different calibrations to the molbloc. However molLoad will only work with molbox1 terminals with firmware version 5.20c or lower, or with molbox RFM terminals with firmware version 1.10c or lower  (terminals that reply to a VER command with "DHI" or "DH Instruments"). If they reply with Fluke they will not work with molLoad, and their flash memory can be erased if used with molLoad. The freeware version of molTools (#2 above) can be used to write mdb type restore files to old or new molbloc elements.

Yes, all of this is confusing... If you have questions contact Fluke Calibration Flow Technical Support at Flow Support or at +1 877 355 3225

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