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Piston Gauge demo in COMPASS for Pressure demo version

If you don't already have COMPASS for Pressure, download and install the demo version of COMPASS for Pressure Enhanced from this link, COMPASS demo download

Click "Run Manual Test" in the Run menu

Select the pressure units that you want to run the test in, user name and click the [Clear Previous Selections] button to clear the memory of the last test that was run. Press [Next] to continue.

Choose "Sample Manual DUT" on the "Select DUT" screen by double-clicking it.

Enter a Serial Number, change the Max to 100 psi, change the measurement mode to Gauge

Choose the "Sample Piston Gauge / PG Pressure" as the Reference Pressure device. This Piston Gauge is setup in COMPASS database as manual entry so you don't have to have a piston gauge or its terminal connected to the computer by RS232 or IEEE.

Don't choose any Auxiliary devices, just press the [Next] button.

This is the Configure Device window for the piston gauge. Make the selections shown for a manual entry piston gauge. Note that the pressure range with the selected components is shown at the bottom left.

This is final confirmation window. Press [Next] to start the test.

The Run Window opens with the Piston Gauge Calculator shown. If it's not visible press the black/yellow "Display Device Window" icon and select the "Sample Piston Gauge" Here is the window as it comes up with no pressure value selected.

Click on the yellow text in the "Pressure" box (third from the bottom) and enter a new value (target pressure). That pressure will remain in that box but the true pressure (that can be achieved with the available masses) will be shown in the box to the right. 

Some fields can be changed. You can also change masses by clicking/un-clicking them in the Mass List box.

If you want to view the piston-cylinder or mass set files - Stop the test, then select [Setup], <Piston Gauge>, then <Piston-Cylinder> or <Mass Set>

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