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How to setup Automatic Recall email based on the Contact of a Customer Facility

The purpose of this article is to show how to setup MET/TEAM to allow the sending of recall reports automatically. These reports are tailored to the individual, meaning a person will only see items that they are responsible for. If you have not yet setup the email alerting feature in MET/TEAM, please follow the Getting Started with Email Alerting guide first.

In order to send out recall reports that contain relevant data, we need to create contact records and associate them with customer facilities. A contact record is a person whose name, phone number, email address, etc. is tracked in the database. A customer facility is an entity that owns assets that you service, such as departments, organizations, or external companies. By linking the two together, we are letting the email alerting system know who the main point of contact is for a given customer, and how to get a hold of them via email.

We first need to create a contact record. (This can be skipped if contact records are already in your database).

1) Go to Setup -> Contacts

2) Within the Find Contact screen, select Add.


3) In the Add Contact screen, at a minimum you should fill in a unique Contact ID, First Name, Last Name, and Email 1. Save the record.

Now that we have created the contact, we need to relate it to the customer facility that this contact is responsible for.

1) Near the lower-right corner, click the Add Facility button to take you to a find screen.

2) Find the facility to add to this contact and click OK. It will now appear at the bottom of the contact screen.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more facilities to this contact, if necessary. This should be done if the contact oversees more than one customer's assets.

Create contact records and relate them to their respective customer facilities for every person you want to receive automated recall emails. Once that is done, we need to create the actual email alert.

1) Go Reports -> Alerting Schedules.

2) In the Find Alert screen, click OK.

3) Fill out the alert as shown and save the record. The Email Subject and Email Body fields can be modified to show the text you want shown in the email.

4) On the bottom of the rightmost grid, click the small Add button. This presents you with a multi-select find screen where you can build the list of contacts that you want to be recipients of this alert. Build out the list of contacts and click the OK button to add them to the alert's Contacts grid.

5) Click the Add button on the Schedule grid.

6) Choose a schedule to send out the emails. Every Monday morning is a common choice, as shown below. Click Save to add the schedule to the alert record.

Once you have completed this, the alert should look similar to the screenshot below. At the "Next Run" time (as shown in the Schedule grid), the alerting service will send emails to all of the people added to the alert, assuming their email address was entered correctly and the facilities attached to the contacts contain assets due for calibration.

 If you want your recall alert to automatically generate the list of contacts for you, please see How to Automatically Generate Recall Alert Contacts.

If you want to create a recall escalation alert, please see How to Setup an Alert for Recall Escalation.

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    Jason R Llewellyn

    Found an typo just so you are aware on " 2) In the Find Alert screen, click OK. " after you go to alerting schedules should say "Add" as the ok button will be greyed out at this point.

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