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How to use Asset relationships (parent/child)

What’s the Asset hierarchy tree is used for? And how to use it?

In calibration, Parent/Child for assets means control over and being controlled relationship. Without the parent unit, the child unit won’t be able to function properly.

Below is a real life example for assets with parent/child relationship:

In the above picture, the rack is the parent asset. And all the asset units in the rack are the child assets.  

To demonstrate the above set up using MET/TEAM, add 6135A/PMUCAL as the parent asset, and then add below assets as child:

  1. 6135A/PMU System Timing Unit – Barcode 6001
  2. 6105A Electrical Power Standard Master – Barcode 6301
  3. 6106A Electrical Power Standard Auxiliary – Barcode 6401
  4. 6106A Electrical Power Standard Auxiliary – Barcode 6402

Note the child assets may not fully match the ones in the picture.

Once the above assets are added to the MET/TEAM, an Asset hierarchy tree view will look like below:

Another simple Asset Parent/Child example would be a 5500A Multifunction Calibrators and a 5725A Amplifier.  The 5725A enhances the 5500A Calibrator in the ac voltage, ac current, and dc current functions. But the 5725A operates under complete control of the 5500A calibrators through an interface cable supplied with the 5725A. Relationship between 5500A and 5725A could also be tracked by the Asset Parent/Child relationship.

In MET/TEAM menu bar, the relationship could be viewed by clicking the Tree button, icon shown below:

When you edit an Asset, the Tree button could be found at the top menu icons.  Opens a view into the asset hierarchy, showing parent and child assets and can be used to navigate up or down the hierarchy and load the selected assets.

In the below sample, I added asset for 5500A, shown below:

And then added the second asset 5725A:

Now we need to make 5725A a child of 5500A.  Then I clicked the elipsis for the Parent box, and find the asset with Barcode of 101 of model 5500A. Add it to the Parent box.  Click the Save button to save the changes.

Now click the Tree button from the menu, you will see below hierarchy tree:

The asset with Barcode of 101 is the parent asset with model 5500A, and the Barcode 1101 is the child asset with model 5725A.


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