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How to register for your MET/SUPPORT-GOLD program

To receive the full benefits of your MET/SUPPORT Gold account, you must first register your account by following the instructions below. MET/SUPPORT Gold members gain easy access to benefits such as priority technical support, downloadable procedures, software updates and upgrades, application information and more.

If you have just purchased MET/SUPPORT GOLD, and/or not yet registered on the new My MET/SUPPORT site, the following instructions should get you there. Registration requires your Gold Support number. This number will be located on the Gold Support disc packaging.  In the past, this Gold Support number typically started with 699xxxx, however that has changed with numbers provided now. 

To begin accessing your benefits, just follow this simple process:

  1. Go to the Fluke Calibration website:

  2. Click on “Register” in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are already registered, click “Log in.”

  3. Fill out the registration form, including your MET/SUPPORT contract number. If you are a registered user you may need to access your account and edit it to add your MET/SUPPORT contract number - xxxxxxx (usually starting with 699xxxx).

  4. Click Submit to submit the form. You will get a system message telling you that the form has been submitted.
  5. Our MET/SUPPORT administrator will verify your membership and send you an email notification (this is a manual process so please allow time for the response).

The next time you visit, login and then navigate to the My MET/SUPPORT community. You can access procedures and software downloads once successfully registered.

The email address that you use during the registration steps below is the same address that we will use to identify you as a Gold customer in our technical support ticket management system and on this Help Center. When contacting software support via email, be sure to send your request from the same email address that you used during registration so we may correctly identify you as a MET/SUPPORT Gold client. Similarly, be sure to log in with the same email address here on our Help Center to gain access to Gold-only content.

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