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E-DWT (and MPG2) & E-DWT-10000-AF Spare Parts

Some of the E-DWT parts are used in the MPG2 (reservoir with priming pump, variable volume, valves).

E-DWT single Q-RPT model on left without low Q-RPT isolation valve

E-DWT dual Q-RPT model on right with low Q-RPT isolation valve


Quantity Part Number Description
4 3154424 FOOT,BLK NITRILE,DIA 13.6
1 3150589 BHD,SS,DH500F X HF2 (TEST port  bulkhead fitting)
1 3337108 Reservoir assembly. Includes entire priming pump, lid, lid o-ring, reservoir vent valve, and reservoir body as a single assembled part as shown in first picture below.
2 3135450 Priming Pump o-ring, Viton, for use with mineral oil
4 3329907 Handle,Stainless Steel Shaft,Phenolic Grip,Black
6 3334530 Priming Pump o-ring, EP, for use with Sebacate, alcohol or water
1* 5192630 Power Supply, 36W, 90-264VAC, 12V@3A, w/ mains adapters and universal wall mount, External to E-DWT (need to order below adapter also). 
1* 4808053 Adapter connector, DC power, male/female
1 3335955 (402515) cable, internal, E-DWT back panel to RPM4
1** 3622351 KIT-E-DWT-PS-REPL,12V power supply & replacement internal power cable (includes power supply 5192630, adapter 4808053 & internal cable 3335955)
1 2493420 (102496) Krytox® GPL205/6 High Temp Lubricant, 0.5 oz. tube
2 3330735 Reservoir and/or TEST shutoff valve (regular E-DWT, not -AF model)
1 3330735 Reservoir shutoff valve (-AF model)
1 3328687 TEST shutoff valve (-AF model)
2 3337089 Black knob assembly for reservoir or shutoff valves
1 3337092 Range Selection /Lo Q-RPT Isolation Valve - Complete assembly
1 3150795  Valve Seat for Range Selection /Lo Q-RPT Isolation Valve
- 3154677 SCREW,M3 X 6MM L,BUTTON HEAD SOCKET CAP SCREW,SS (side panel screws)
  3143178 GLAND,SS,DH200-2,400M (for internal tube welds)
  3143184 CLR,SS,DH200-2,400M (for internal tube welds)
  3071049 BP-401904,BATTERY/CHARGER PACK

Original power supply PN 3335610 and replacement 4766592 are no longer available. The current PN is 5192630. Note that adapter PN 4808053 CONNECTOR, POWER, DC PWR, JACK,2.1X5.5MM FEMALE TO 2.5X5.5MM MALE JACK is needed with PN 4766592. (01-February-2017)
** This kit includes power supply, adapter from power supply to back panel connector, and internal cable from back panel of E-DWT to RPM4. See instruction sheet that can be viewed/downloaded below that is named "Power Supply Replace Inst 3622296 with new PS noted.pdf"* Both are needed when replacing a power supply.  

If you're looking for the internal power cable from the back panel of the E-DWT to the RPM4, that is PN 3335955. The original internal DC power cable was PN 3335962 (no longer available).

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See this article for replacing the fluid and some other general maintenance,

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See this article for information on replacement valve seat 3150795 for Low Q-RPT Isolation Valve,

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